How to join Spartan Race Street Team

Roles of the Street Team members::

Actively engage in the events organized by the Spartan Race

Help to administer own region, city, area, school, etc.

Keep the communication open with other Street Team members from the local and other regions and communicates about the latest news and developments

Actively use various media and personal contacts to promote Spartan Race

Promotion of the Spartan Race is a multi-level process: you may use your personal contacts, distribute flyers and other printing material, use of the social media and the Internet. More information will be available later on.

Each volunteer of the Street Team gets a unique discount code. Newly found participants of the Spartan Race are rewarded by a discount when they use this code during the registration for the Spartan Races.

When the Street Team volunteer recruits at least 10 participants who register and pay for the race using a unique discount code, the volunteer gets a free ticket for the Spartan Race. A volunteer has a guaranteed spot in the last wave of the race. If earlier spots are available, a volunteer may get into an earlier wave.